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Dennis Dodd Carelessly Linked Chip Kelly to the Florida Job and Eagles Twitter Trolled the Shit Out of It

Chip Kelly has never been employed within the state of Florida. The Eagles coach is not from Florida and has no connection to the University of Florida aside from maybe being friends with former Florida head coach Urban Meyer.

All of that, not to mention the fact that Kelly is currently 15-8 a year and a half into being an NFL coach, didn’t stop CBS Sports columnist Dennis Dodd from casually tweeting this while the Florida Gators were enduring an embarrassing home loss with fans in the swamp chanting “Fire Muschamp.

Dodd actually wrote a similarly ridiculous column 10 months ago, only now you can replace Texas with Florida.

Kelly’s Eagles won the NFC East one day later, and one week later, Texas hired Charlie Strong.

Back in January 2013, Kelly left a national championship contender in Oregon to prove to the world that his innovative offense could work in the NFL, and so far, it absolutely has.

Jim Harbaugh may end up being the exception with Michigan, his alma mater, likely having an opening, along with other extenuating circumstances in San Francisco, but successful NFL coaches don’t return to college. The ones like Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier who took their shot and failed do. The ones who win don’t, and Kelly has taken the league by storm.

Troll away here, Eagles Twitter:

Good job, dawgies. I think our work here is done.

Enjoy the bye week today knowing that while Dodd’s tweet was complete bogus, the Eagles have one of the most innovative coaches in the game and several college and NFL programs would love for him to be theirs.