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Andy Reid’s Former Right-Hand Man Andy Reid’d Incredibly Hard Tonight

I am just going to leave this here. (GIF vs. SB Nation)

Jets GIF

You can read more about it on SB Nation, Deadspin, or watch full video here.

The basic situation is the Jets were driving, down by seven against the Packers and faced a crucial fourth down play. Geno Smith seemingly competes a beautiful touchdown pass to Jeremy Kerley, except there is one problem.

Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who held the same title from 2006-2012 under Andy Reid in Philadelphia, tried to call timeout right before the ball was snapped, nullifying the game-tying touchdown. Technically, the offensive coordinator is not allowed to be granted timeout, but the referee heard it and apparently thought a now confused Ryan wanted one.

I actually thought Marty was calling a fantastic game, especially in the first half, but the clock management blunder late was all too familiar.

He was not the only former Eagles guy to mess up either apparently.

Shocking that something like that would happen.

Chip Kelly was not a wizard in these situations last year, but cheers knowing we no longer have to be impacted by what occurred above here.