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Jon Heyman ‘Reported’ Something Ridiculously Obvious About the Phillies and People Trolled the Shit Out of It

CBS Sports baseball writer Jon Heyman told Twitter something that it has known for two years this morning when he ‘reported’ that the Phillies would prefer to deal Cliff Lee rather than Cole Hamels as teams come calling with the trade deadline approaching.

Heyman’s full report is here although he could have saved himself 254 words and simply typed “DUH’ after this headline.

Heyman Headline

Let’s compare Hamels and Lee for a second:

30 years old vs. A month away from 36 years old

Under contract through 2018 vs. Under contract through 2015

Healthy with a 2.93 ERA vs. Missed two months with an elbow strain

Spent entire career in Philly vs. Five organizations over a decade

Which one would you prefer to hold onto going forward? Hate on Ruben Amaro all you want, but even he’s not that incompetent. Outside of Curt Schilling, Cliff Lee’s my favorite pitcher of all-time. I’m gonna cry whenever the Phillies eventually move him, but separating emotions from baseball sense, this decision is a no-brainer.

This post isn’t meant to kill Heyman though. He normally does good work, unlike someone else who used to write for CBS Sports, and has a national audience to inform that may not find this news quite as obvious. Still though, the Philadelphia sports media decided to have some fun with it.

Below are the best responses:

Murphy 1

Murph going hard.

Murphy 2


Zoo 1

Seidman 1

Mosh who doesn’t even cover the Phillies with a sick response.

Mosher 1

Finger 1

Gelb 1

Jim Salisbury — the most connected reporter on the Phillies beat — jumped in a little late but really came out swinging.

Salisbury 2

Salisbury 1

Yours truly even tried to join the party.

Heyman 2

Have a good weekend, folks.