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Interception Festival: Welcome Back, Tony Romo

Tony Romo only threw four incomplete passes in the first half.

Sounds fine, but the problem is that three of them happened to be interceptions.

Only one quarterback — Alex Smith of the Chiefs — tossed that many picks in the 1 p.m. games.

SB Nation has video of one of Romo’s picks, which includes Dez Bryant getting absolutely destroyed.

The Cowboys trail the 49ers 28-3 at halftime. Jerry World is booing their own team, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Welcome back, Tony.

Chip Kelly is so Damn Innovative that the Eagles are Planning for the Year 2104 According to Their Training Camp Program

Earlier this afternoon the Eagles held their first open training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field.

For many fans, it was their first time back in the stadium since the Saints ended the Eagles season shortly before midnight back on January 4.

Like most teams do, the Eagles distributed training camp programs as people made their way through the gates of the Linc. The program is pretty cut and dry with your season schedule, a roster, some player features, and a few advertisements.

The opening sentence of the “Offseason Recap” section sticks out though.

In the truest sense, the building of the 2104 Philadelphia Eagles roster began just days after the 2013 season ended. 

The logical conclusion is to simply believe someone made a typo. But could there be more to this?

Remember last November when Chip Kelly got tired of answering questions about his quarterback situation and named Nick Foles the Eagles “starting quarterback for the next 1000 years.”

Well, maybe Chip decided a millennium is a long time to commit to a guy, but there’s nothing wrong with nine decades.

I will gladly take Kelly and Howie Roseman planning 90 years in advance over Jerry Jones still believing it is 1994 down in Dallas, completely puzzled when it comes to managing a salary cap.

So, mistake by some intern who inverted the numbers or a fantastic Freudian slip?


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