Tonight was Everything and More: Eagles Monday Night Blowout Victory Haiku

One week before the beginning of the NFL season, the most innovative social media department from a sports standpoint in the city released an insane hype video branded after the Eagles and the experience that surrounds being connected to the team as ‘Everything and More.’

Well, tonight was ‘Everything and More’ brought to life. Tonight was Mark Sanchez exorcising some of his demons that derailed his career with the Jets. Tonight was rookie receiver Jordan Matthews announcing to the world that he is going to be a big time player with fellow stud rookie Kelvin Benjamin on the other sideline. Tonight was Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham proving that they have roles on this team no matter how few or many snaps they receive.

Tonight was Billy Davis showing why his job title may read “head coach” instead of “defensive coordinator” three months from now,  and his employer could be different.

Tonight was Brent Celek proving that he’s still alive and kicking nine years into a career that has seen several bumps and bruises. Ditto for Trent Cole.

Tonight was Darren Sproles showing the Saints how big of a mistake they made eight months ago.

Tonight was Chip Kelly enacting revenge on Cam Newton for the 2011 National Championship game. Cam can enjoy his Auburn crystal trophy. Chip is much closer to getting a Super Bowl ring as a coach than he is as a quarterback.

More than anything, tonight was a beatdown on Monday Night Football as the Eagles announced to a national audience that they’re primed and ready to make a run.

Let’s hit the haiku and turn our attention to Green Bay:

Mark Sanchez rises

Jeff Garcia is smiling

Fly on to Lambeau 


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