Really Sad Eagles Haiku

That game was akin to a three and a half hour roller coaster, except I like roller coasters. Roller coasters normally have a fun ending and you would come off smiling as a kid.

I’m not smiling right now. Like so many trips to Arizona before, that one ended in demoralizing fashion, channeling ghosts’ past of Larry Fitzgerald, Tim Hightower, and Kevin Curtis being dragged down as a Donovan McNabb pass fell incomplete.

I usually try not to do this, but it’s hard to walk away from this game and not believe that the Eagles are the better team. Between Josh Huff’s second quarter fumble, two bad Nick Foles interceptions, some really questionable Chip Kelly play calls and missed challenge opportunities, and inexplicable coverage by Cary Williams and Nate Allen in the final two minutes, the Eagles beat themselves.

Foles is a story within itself. He wasn’t good, as much as I hate to admit that, but had the defense held with two minutes to go, it would have been the fourth time this year where he broke a fourth quarter tie to win the game. Similar to the Saints game last year, he put them in the lead late in the contest. This time, he did get another chance though and couldn’t do it.

Credit to the Cardinals for making some plays, especially Carson Palmer’s game-winning touchdown pass with 81 seconds to go, but the Eagles gave a very winnable game away more than anything.

That will happen, but given the exact way it happened and the team that it happened against, it hurts.

It hurts because for the first time all season, there is a team with less losses than the Eagles in the NFC East. That will likely hold up assuming the Cowboys can beat Colt McCoy and the Redskins tomorrow night at home.

Even though it really only matters who is in first place after Week 17, not being atop the division when you feel like you’re the best team in the division hurts. That holds up for at least a week now, and it’s going to eat away at me.

I’m rambling because the Eagles have lost games like this to the Cardinals before and can’t seem to completely get over it no matter who the coaches are and what the rosters look like.

As far as Week 8 losses go, that really hurt, but the Eagles are 5-2 and still control their own destiny with two games against the Cowboys later on in the season. Given that they went 7-1 through November and December last year, things look alright especially if they can take care of a beatable Texans team next week on the road.

Let’s stop rambling and hit the haiku:

Bad mistakes galore

Desert demons still exist 

Rematch in three months? 


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