Three Fun Eagles Passing Statistics For You

Waking up 2-0 instead of 1-1 just feels great, doesn’t it?

Below are three Eagles passing stats to pass along to you on this Wednesday morning (pun semi-intended).

1. Nick Foles is the only quarterback to throw for 300 yards in both Week 1 and Week 2 — Foles currently sits second in the league in passing yards trailing only Matt Ryan. He is tied for fifth in attempts with 82 and could certainly improve upon his 58.5 completion percentage (last year he finished at an even 64 percent) but certainly nice to see the production. More on Foles here if interested.

Foles Passing Stats

2. Zach Ertz is the NFL leader with 23.3 yards per receptionJimmy Kempski over at has some additional stats on Ertz that you might enjoy. The real impressive thing to me is just how steady Ertz is. Michael Floyd of the Cardinals is second on this list behind Ertz, but he already has logged a 63-yard reception. Ertz might not be outchea catching 80-yard bombs from Foles, but he is no doubt a consistent, big play machine.

3. The Eagles are the only NFL team with three players in the Top 25 for receiving yardage — Darren Sproles is fourteenth at 166, Ertz is one spot behind him, and Jeremy Maclin comes in at twenty-third with 142 yards through two games.  This will be tough to maintain going forward but certainly fun to look at for the time being.

Eagles Receiving Stats

As I mentioned yesterday in a chart, the Eagles have been pretty bad in the first half and terrific in the second half. I am not sure how much longer they can afford to play like that, but you can clearly see that the numbers are still there at the end as Chip Kelly’s offense gets it done.

Thinking about what they could accomplish with a complete game is fun.

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