Nick Foles was far from perfect tonight, but if out-dueling Andrew Luck on Monday Night Football does not earn him some recognition, I have no idea what it will take.

Foles struggled for a half as the Eagles went to the locker room down 17-6. It appears he missed some open receivers but engineered second half comebacks down 20-6 and 27-20 to help the Eagles escape Indianapolis 2-0.

There should be another touchdown under his name as Riley Cooper dropped a great ball in the first quarter. The game-tying touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin was thrown into a tight window, and the ball to Ertz on the first play of the game-winning drive had beautiful touch on it.

Foles has now thrown as many interceptions as he did all last season through two games but was resilient again in a come-from behind victory.

One quarterback thew a costly fourth quarter interception. Foles was not that quarterback.

If the roles were reversed tonight, most would forget Andrew Luck’s previous mistakes and praise him for leading yet another fourth quarter comeback. Maybe it is time to realize that a guy taken 87 picks after Luck can play too.

For 10 months, Foles has been doing just about everything he can to earn some respect, and many still insist that he isn’t good or holding the Eagles offense back.

Tonight may not have been his prettiest performance yet, but like a franchise quarterback is supposed to do, he took care of business when he had to.

Show Nick Foles some respect right now.

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