Your Cody Parkey Kickoff Tracker and Contest (!) for Week 2 is Here

The Cody Parkey kickoff distance tracker was a rousing success in Week 1.

We got picked up by some Auburn message boards who were thrilled to see one of their own succeeding as a rookie in the NFL. It remains the most popular post to date on the blog, and most importantly, Parkey just flat out crushed it.

Game # Opponent Kickoff Number End zone Touchback Starting Field Position  Average Starting Field Position 
1 Jaguars 1 Yes Yes 20 20
1 Jaguars 2 Yes No 13 16.5
1 Jaguars 3 Yes Yes 20 17.67
1 Jaguars 4 Yes Yes 20 18.25
1 Jaguars 5 Yes Yes 20 18.6
1 Jaguars 6 Yes Yes 20 18.83
1 Jaguars 7 Yes No 13 18

Seven kickoffs, seven reaching the end zone, five touchbacks, and the Jaguars average starting field position off the kicks was their own 18-yard line. Parkey also nailed a 51-yard game tying field goal in the fourth quarter as the Eagles special teams were instrumental in a comeback victory over the Jaguars.

Parkey’s young NFL journey takes an interesting twist tonight as he returns to Indianapolis, the team he was with for most of training camp before the Eagles traded for him.

The Cody Parkey kickoff tracker is up for Week 2, and to make things even more fun, we are going to turn it into a contest.

Tweet at me (@drewBbalis) before kickoff tonight guessing the number of touchbacks Parkey has AND the Colts’ average starting field position on his kickoffs (far right column of the chart)

Guessing the correct number of touchbacks is worth one point while predicting the right field position is worth two, so an example would look something like

@drewBbalis (6, 19) 

Let’s go ahead and consider the sample tweet as my official guess for the contest.

I expect plenty of duplicate guesses for kickoffs if we hopefully get a lot of people playing, so the field position component is intended to spice things up a bit.

Total points will be kept on the blog throughout the season, and the winner will get recognition on here and some small prize — a dollar or a couple Dunkin Donuts coupons if that is your thing. If you have better ideas for a prize, let me know. I would like to offer some incentive for playing, but I also want people to just have some innocent fun and enjoy the sheer awesomeness that are Parkey’s kickoffs.

In the average starting field position column, the season total will be in brackets with the game total next to it. The number that you care about for the contest is the latter game total, but both will be displayed.

Years ago, I used to run a game on Facebook where people would guess how many walks then Mets pitcher Oliver Perez would issue in each of his starts. It built up a nice loyal following, and my hope is that we can do the same thing here throughout the season.

Your chart will of course be updated following every Parkey kick throughout the game.

Game Opponent Kickoff Number End Zone Touchback Starting Field Position Average Starting Field Position
2 Colts 1 Yes Yes 20 [18.25] 20
2 Colts 2 No No 27 [19.2] 23.5
2 Colts 3 Yes No 27 [20] 24.67
2 Colts 4 Yes Yes 20 [20] 23.5
2 Colts 5 Yes Yes 20 [20] 22.8
2 Colts 6 Yes Yes 20 [20] 22.33

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