Penn State is the Only FBS Program with Two Players in the Top 14 for Receiving Yards Per Game

Earlier this week when I tweeted a couple posts about Jeremy Maclin and the Eagles, a few people be like this:

Penn State Content Meme

So I be like: I’ll try.

You asked for Penn State #content, here is a little Penn State #content for you.

I decided to follow up on a cool statistic that I tweeted after Week 1, which appeared popular among Penn State Football Twitter, to see how things were holding up.

Penn State Receivers Week 1

As you can see based on the screenshot at the top of the page, things are holding up pretty well going into Week 3. It may not be Top 10 anymore, but Top 14 still looks solid.

You will notice that Baylor has joined Penn State as another school with two players in the Top 14, but that is influenced by the fact that Baylor has played three games while most other programs have only played two.

Baylor junior Jay Lee jumped up to fifth with 136 receiving yards last night against Buffalo but had been pretty quiet and far down the list through two games.

KD Cannon, who was eighth before last night and now first, joins DaeSean Hamilton as the only other freshman that high on the list.

Just like the Cody Parkey kickoff tracker with the Eagles, we will continue to keep tabs on this and see where things go, but it has certainly been a welcoming sight so far as the Nittany Lions aim to replace Allen Robinson’s insane production that saw him average 87 receptions, 1225 yards, and nine touchdowns during the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

27-17 Penn State tonight in enemy territory. Don’t see the blowout against Rutgers that some are calling for but think the running game gets going a bit, Christian Hackenberg hooks up with Jesse James for another touchdown, and the Lions head back to Beaver Stadium 3-0 for the first time since 2009.


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