On the First Sunday of September in the Year 2014 Jeremy Maclin Rose Again

I tried to write the hackiest headline possible just for kicks. Didn’t enjoy it too much.

Jeremy Maclin, playing in his first meaningful game since December 30, 2012, after missing the entire 2013 season with a torn ACL, only caught four passes today, but he certainly made them count.

Jeremy Maclin Stats

Two of the receptions led to first downs on third and long, one of them keeping the drive alive that led to Darren Sproles’ 49-yard scamper to get the Eagles on the board.

The play everyone will remember though, and rightfully so, is the 68-yard touchdown that broke a 17-17 deadlock midway through the fourth quarter as the Eagles pulled away against the Jaguars.

I have yet to see video of the play, but Bleeding Green Nation has a nice screengrab to illustrate just how wide open Maclin was.

Maclin Wide Open

From what I can tell, a Jaguars corner thought he was going to have safety help on Maclin over the top, and well, he didn’t.

If you want to call it a coverage bust, you have the right to do so, but for a guy who overcame a second serious knee injury to make it back as a staring wide receiver in the NFL, it had to feel good.

Always a solid receiver but never posting a 1000-yard season, Maclin somehow inherited a reputation of being soft.

A month and a half ago, there was a pretty big hit piece published against him with a lot of confirmation bias at work.

Two and a half weeks ago, he crumpled to the Lincoln Financial Field grass in a preseason game. Everyone initially feared the worst — that his season might be over before it started and with it his career. Thankfully though, he got up and walked off.

Still, questions lingered about how he would look in a real game and if he could reestablish chemistry with Nick Foles.

Whether or not Maclin can make it through 16 games unscathed remains to be seen, but he did his best to answer some of the more immediate questions earlier today.

Some people tried to bury Jeremy Maclin’s career six feet under, and on the first Sunday of the month September in the year 2014, he rose once again.

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