Introducing Your Official Cody Parkey Kickoff Tracker

A week and a half ago, Cody Parkey had his A.J. Feeley moment in the Eagles final preseason game, drilling first half field goals of 53 and 54 yards to steal Alex Henery’s job and potentially the hearts of fans at Lincoln Financial Field and throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

I had been tracking Henery’s kickoffs during the preseason when I was admittedly convinced he was going to hold onto the job, and we are going to do the same thing with the rookie from Auburn as the regular season gets underway today (Typing those last five words makes me so damn giddy).

You can dismiss this as unimportant if you so choose, but it did cost the Eagles a playoff victory last season, so I find it significant to keep tabs on.

Parkey is known to have a strong leg, so the chart below will hopefully have nice results. He put all three of his kicks in the end zone against the Jets with one going for a touchback.

He will kickoff at least once today and hopefully many more times if the birds follow Chip Kelly’s plan. Your chart is below and will be updated following each kick throughout the game.

Game # Opponent Kickoff Number End zone Touchback Starting Field Position  Average Starting Field Position 
1 Jaguars 1 Yes Yes 20 20
1 Jaguars 2 Yes No 13 16.5
1 Jaguars 3 Yes Yes 20 17.67
1 Jaguars 4 Yes Yes 20 18.25
1 Jaguars 5 Yes Yes 20 18.6
1 Jaguars 6 Yes Yes 20 18.83
1 Jaguars 7 Yes No 13 18

Parkey also hit a 51-yard field goal early in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 17. You go, Cody Parkey!

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