This Eagles Video Will Make You Want to Sprint Through a Brick Wall

It is not typically my style to create a blog post completely from someone else’s video, but this is too good not to acknowledge, and I want a nice way to archive it for later.

Recently, some folks have told me that I am writing about topics that are going a tad over their heads. ‘I enjoy your writing, but I just can’t get excited about a bunch of charts and graphics about Nick Foles’ is a comment that I have received.

Numbers indicate that other people are indeed interested in more in-depth topics like that, but as I have mentioned before, community management is very important to me, and I will always take feedback into consideration.

Many people have probably already seen it, but this video, produced by the Eagles and titled “Everything and More” is something we can all get excited about. The best social media team in the city absolutely crushed it here, and I — normally somewhat calm in the days leading up to a season opener — was ready to sprint through a wall after watching.

The video features all of your sweet highlights from 2013 including the Snow Bowl, a Chip Kelly fist pump, my dude Zach Ertz catching touchdowns, a Nick Foles hat toss into the Lincoln Financial Field stands following a home victory, and even an ode to Allen Iverson.

Everything and More from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

This is more than a logo. This is a family crest, an emblem, a flag, flown by our mothers, fathers, and those who came before them. 

It is a code of arms that hangs on bedroom walls and in minivan windows. This is more than a season. This is a marathon of Sundays, Mondays, and holidays spent giving thanks to for your overly-aggressive couch high-fives — Of weekday water-cooler therapy sessions and nights spent tossing, turning, and toiling over the perfect fantasy team name because “Ertz So Good” was taken. 

This is a gauntlet that runs through 99 degree tailgates in August to nine inches of…hey, did he just jump over a Lion? This is more than a season. Seasons end, and we’re just getting started. 

This is more than a coach, this is a rocket surgeon — yeah, you heard me, a rocket surgeon. A PhD of the TD. Specializing in the surgical removal of the opponent’s will to fight through the maximum recommended dosage of speed, tenacity, and speedacity. Not a word? It is now. Chip invented it. South Philly is home to Dr. Kelly’s new practice — We talkin bout practice, man. 

And this right here, this is more than a crowd. This is a choir, a 70,000 member chorus, boasting an extensive catalog of exactly one song and with zero hesitations of belting it out at the drop of a hat or the catch of a 67-yard touchdown. You know the words. 

This is more than a team. It’s a family. It’s our family. This is more than a city. It’s our home. This is more than a game. This is everything — and more. 

I do not know exactly what a “rocket surgeon” is, but I absolutely love it. Four days.


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