Cody Parkey May have had his A.J Feeley Moment and Made Me Look Pretty Stupid in the Process

Sometimes screenshots can speak louder than words.

The Auburn rookie for all intents and purposes had his A.J. Feeley moment tonight in the preseason finale against the Jets and may have flipped the Eagles kicker competition upside-down.

Two of the three field goals were far from chip shots too.

Cody Parker Post 2

Unlike last week when he missed a 31-yard attempt wide right, Henery didn’t do anything to lose ground tonight, but he wasn’t allowed a chance to gain any on a night when Parkey announced his presence loudly.

Not having Henery attempt a kick tonight may not be completely indicative of Chip Kelly already declaring Parkey the winner in his head. For better or for worse, he has data and film on Henery to go off of. He needed to see what he had in Parkey and if the first field goal was for real.

This is not an easy decision, but it looks increasingly likely that I look pretty stupid come Saturday afternoon when the final cuts need to be filed.

Editor’s Note: No 53-man roster projection from me right now because quite honestly, I’m exhausted and need to drive six hours to my friend’s wedding in Pittsburgh when I wake up in the morning. Jeff Maehl will make it as the sixth wide receiver though — That’s my one prediction to take to the bank.

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