The Eagles are Still Planning for the 2104 Season According to their Training Camp Program

Six days ago, we brought you some news that the Eagles training camp program featured an interesting line in the “Offseason Recap” section.

You can read more details about it here, but to catch people up quickly, we explored whether the number “2104” was simply a typo by some intern or a genius Freudian slip to show off the innovative nature of Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman, perhaps an ode to Kelly’s line last December that Nick Foles was the “starting quarterback for the next 1000 years.”

Earlier this afternoon, the birds were back at Lincoln Financial Field for their second open practice and the line once again reads:

In the truest sense, the building of the 2104 Philadelphia Eagles roster began just days after the 2013 season ended. 

In the picture atop the post, the program from last Monday is on the left while today’s is on the right.

Multiple attempts to reach the Eagles seeking comment have to this point been unsuccessful.  A few tweets to the best social media team in the city pointing out the line have not yet received a reply.

Your Philadelphia Eagles, folks. Always ahead of the game, always innovating.


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